Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of thread should I use in outdoor applications?

For outdoor applications such as awnings, marine products etc., we recommend either a polyester or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) thread. Polyester is relatively resistant to chlorine, bromine and mildew. It holds up in UV better compared to a cotton or nylon thread. PTFE thread will not lose any significant strength due to chemical or UV interaction. Click here to learn more about SolarFix® PTFE Thread.

Q. Can you produce a custom item?

Yes. Custom items can be produced if the customer can provide a sample of the color desired and a description of the item (i.e. size, put-up, etc). For all products that are custom, there are minimum order requirements as well as lead times and they vary by product. Please call for specific details based on the product.

Q. Where are your sales offices?

Quality Thread has a network of great sales associates located throughout the U.S.  Call us today for the contact information of the sales representative in your area or click here to download a PDF map of our Sales Offices.  

Q. Can there be a color migration issue with sewing thread?

Many thread types do not experience color migration. Nylon, spun polyester and any solution dyed thread should not have any color migration. Any brand of polyester thread has the potential to have color migration under a certain set of conditions. In order to reduce the potential for migration, QTN recommends that customers do not use polyester thread when contrast stitching. If you contrast stitch, make sure to test for migration before doing any manufacturing. The other factor in migration is the material that is being sewn. The chemicals in vinyl, for example, have the potential to leach dyes in some instances. QTN has done extensive testing of products to minimize the possibility of migration, however, customers should be aware of the issue and test their materials.

Q. Who pays freight?

QTN typically ships pre-pay and add. If customers have shipper numbers and request Collect shipments, we can accommodate those requirements. QTN does not offer pre-paid freight on any shipments or back orders.

Q. What is the difference between ticket size and Tex size for bonded threads?

Ticket sizes were traditional numbers used for bonded threads that were created based on denier. In the 1980’s, a new universal system of sizes was created called Tex Size.

Tex Size is determined by the weight in grams of 1,000 meters of a particular thread. This system allows users to compare thickness of different types of thread, such as polyester and nylon.

The most common Ticket Size and corresponding Tex Size are:
B46 (Tex 45), B69 (Tex 70), B92 (Tex 90), B138 (Tex 135), B207 (T210), B277 (T270), B346 (T350), B415, (T400).

Q. My product is sewn with polyester thread and it has deteriorated from UV exposure after a short period of time. What does Quality Thread recommend to solve this problem?

Polyester does have good characteristics for outdoors, but it will deteriorate over time. We strongly recommend SolarFix® PTFE thread. This product is guaranteed in writing to last and will not lose significant strength due to UV or chemical exposure. Click here to learn more about SolarFix® PTFE Thread.



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