Heavy-duty Bonded Nylon and Polyester Thread

Hercules thread is designed for sewing applications that require a bit of muscle. Our unique blend of bond and lubrication enhances sewing performance in demanding applications.

QTN Stocks

  • T210 white and black nylon
  • T270 white and black nylon
  • T350 white and black nylon
  • T400 white and black nylon
  • T210 white, black in both left and right twist polyester
  • T270 white polyester and black
  • T270 white polyester and black
  • T350 white polyester and black
  • T400 white polyester and black


  • Cold Air Inflatables
  • Tents

  • Truck Tarps and Covers
  • Shade Structures and Architectural Designs

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