High-Spec - Bonded Nylon Thread

Premium Nylon Sewing Thread

The “High-Spec” color line offers 36 popular shades size B69 and 20 colors in B92. These custom colors are designed to match automotive OEM vinyl colors. “High-Spec” is formulated with premium bond and colorfast dyes resulting in excellent performance. Every “High-Spec” production lot is tested to meet or exceed the QTN Quality Assurance Standards.

QTN Stocks

  • 36 colors in B69 and 20 colors in B92
  • 22 colors in size 69 style “G”
  • 4 colors in size 69 style “M”
  • White and black size 92 style “G” and “M”


  • Furniture
  • Automotive Upholstery
  • Sport Equipment
  • Luggage and Bags
  • Banners and Promotional Material

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