QTN Quality Assurance

Unparalleled QTN Quality Assurance Program
We are committed to providing the highest quality products available. To achieve this, we do extensive testing that is unmatched by anyone in our industry to ensure our customers are consistently satisfied with our products.

Sewing Thread Performance
Reliable sewing performance is our highest priority. All products we ship are thoroughly inspected and evaluated. For our signature brands of bonded threads, we have expanded our Quality Assurance effort well beyond traditional standards. "High-Spec" Bonded Nylon and “SUNGUARD” Bonded Polyester have extensive color lines and represent major aspects of our business. To ensure their performance, we carefully check many physical characteristics in addition to the normal quality checking during manufacturing. It starts with inspecting cone winding and analysis of lubricant and bonding. Ply adhesion is critical to good sewing performance and our bond evaluation is unparalleled.

Color Evaluation
WE SEW EVERY LOT OF SUNGUARD THREAD into the matching acrylic fabric. Typically when lubricant is added, polyester thread appears darker. As the lube burns off during sewing, the color lightens to match the fabric. This process enables us to evaluate the “sewn-in” color for approval comparing it to previous production lots. Any color found outside our acceptable standards is rejected and new production is created with the necessary adjustments.

Detailed Analysis
The newest quality check added to our QTN Quality Assurance Program is our high resolution, ProScope™ microscope and photo imaging software. This step allows us to further evaluate production lots for color consistency, bond, lube and twist.

Example of inconsistent bond/good dye penetration

Example of poor dye penetration/good ply adhesion

In addition to our standard steps, we also do spot checking and test for wet and dry crocking and vinyl migration.

Inspection & Standards Review for Notions
Every order for webbing, hook & loop, elastic, and zippers is rechecked that the products meet all normal standards. Physical characteristics such as width, length, and color are confirmed along with spooling and packaging. Our goal is to assure our customers that they can depend on every order we deliver.

We spoil our customers. They deserve it.


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