History & Philosophy


The Quality Thread & Notions Company was founded in 1922 by Morris Berman. His son-in-law, Milton Paris, returned from serving in World War II, and became president of QTN. Bob Flacks then joined the company in 1974 and became vice-president in 1982. Bob, and his wife Gail, purchased the company in 1992.

For many years, QTN serviced the thriving apparel market in Cleveland. As the apparel industry shifted away from the U.S. around the mid 80’s, QTN redirected its focus to all industrial sewing markets. QTN added a national sales team in 1986 to service the expanding business.


Our fundamental business philosophy is one of relationship building. We take pride in taking the time to truly understand our customer's business. Both our expert staff and focus on communication allows us to service the needs of our customers efficiently. In addition to supplying valuable products, we work to be viewed as a trusted partner and continue to earn our reputation as one of the leading textile suppliers in the U.S. We are a national supplier with the heart of a family owned business.



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