PTFE thread. Will not degrade due to UV or chemical exposure.


UVR bonded polyester thread. Designer matches, for designer products.


Bonded nylon thread. 36 popular stocked colors.

“Banner Thread”

Locked Filament Polyester. Perfect for high speed and multi-directional sewing.

Monocord / Monofilament

Uniquely constructed to suit your needs.

Guardian Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial Product Protection.

Ultra Dee®

Bonded Polyester. QTN stocks all 60 colors in 4 oz of this popular Coats’ brand.


Nylon and Polyester. Durable thread for heavy-duty sewing.

Aramid Thread

Kevlar® and Nomex® are threads for superior strength and heat resistance.

QTC Bonded Sewing Thread

High volume, competitive pricing.


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