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Sunguard One™ UVR Polyester Monocord

Sunguard One™ is a polyester monocord thread that is bleach and UV resistant, making it ideal for use in marine and outdoor applications. Sunguard One™ is a strong thread with a durable bonded construction which prevents the ply from untwisting during zigzag sewing operations. This also makes it a popular choice for use as the under thread in embroidery and quilting markets.

• Bleach and UV resistant
• Single cord, not twisted
• Perfect for multi-directional sewing

• Marine
• Low denier light sails
• Light boat tops
• H4 automatic bobbin changers
• Sports equipment
• Filtration
• Multi-head embroidery
• Quilting

Sold by the spool. Each spool approximately 16 oz.

Size Ticket Piles Break Strength Elongation
T90 35 1 16 lbs. 14% - 30%
T105 25 
1 16.5 lbs. 14% - 30%


Product pdf.

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