QTN Flame Guard: Thread, Hook & Loop and Elastic

by Doreen Langa

Firefighter and Emergency Responder apparel, including the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by workers in the oil, gas and electric industries, are undoubtably some of the most sophisticated clothing ever manufactured.  Designed to withstand extreme heat and provide optimal thermal protection when exposed to fire, the fibers used in flame resistant (FR) fabrics, threads, elastics and webbings are scientifically engineered by major companies under highly recognizable brands like DuPont™®, Kevlar® and Nomex® to name a few.  These flame-resistant synthetic fibers are chosen for their resilience to melt, drip, or combust when in contact with flame or extreme heat.  

The science behind creating flame resistant fabrics and clothing centers around removing one of the components in the chain reaction that sustains fire—oxygen, heat and fuel.  Flame resistant materials are by definition self-extinguishing in that they starve the fire by preventing the entrance of oxygen through the fabric.  Not only are the type of synthetic and aramid fibers and threads selected of immense importance, the tightness of the weave further enhances the clothing's effectiveness to prevent the transposition of oxygen, hence strengthening its ability to resist fire.  Finally, clothing and fabrics can be additionally treated with chemicals that will extinguish the fire.  But the downside to using the chemical coating as the only method of FR treatment is the coating can break-down over time, and even cause environmental contamination when washed.  

QTN is proud to supply the Thermal Protective Clothing Manufacturers with the following Flame Guard Products made from scientifically designed fibers and in some cases additionally treated with flame retardant agents that meet the industry’s best practices.

  • Flameguard Kevlar Thread:
    • High heat resistance and does not melt like other fibers.
    • Twice as strong as nylon or polyester.
    • Used when strength is the primary requirement.
  • Nomex Thread:
    • High heat and chemical resistance.
    • Good abrasion resistance.
    • Great choice for firefighting and protective apparel.
  • Flameguard Brand Sewing Quality Hook & Loop:
    • Meets U.S. Federal Aviation specification FAR25.853(b) for special applications
    • Durable, high cycle life
  • Flameguard Elastics:
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Cut resistant
    • Berry compliant 

When you require extreme protection for your PPE products, be sure to use QTN’s Flameguard products, a trusted QTN Brand!