Using SolarFix® PTFE Thread in Awnings and Shade Structures

by Ben Pardue, SolarFix® PTFE Product Manager

When it comes to creating durable and long-lasting awnings and shade structures, choosing the right thread is essential. SolarFix® PTFE thread, with its exceptional properties, is an excellent choice for these applications. Let’s dive into why SolarFix® stands out and how it enhances the performance of awnings and shade structures.

1. UV Sunlight Resistance

SolarFix® PTFE thread is specifically designed to withstand prolonged exposure to UV sunlight. Unlike conventional threads that weaken and degrade over time, SolarFix® maintains its strength and integrity. This feature is crucial for outdoor structures like awnings and shade sails that are constantly exposed to the sun.

2. Chemical Resilience

Awnings and shade structures often require cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and other environmental debris. SolarFix® PTFE thread excels in this aspect. It remains unaffected by chemical cleaners, ensuring that it retains its color, strength, and appearance even after repeated cleanings.

3. Mildew Resistance

Airborne chemicals and moisture can lead to mildew growth on fabrics and threads. However, SolarFix® PTFE thread is highly resistant to mildew. It won’t break down or discolor, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

4. Smooth Sewability

Sewing with SolarFix® PTFE thread is a breeze. Its consistent diameter and smooth texture result in seamless stitches. Whether you’re using a standard sewing machine or specialized industrial equipment, SolarFix® ensures a smooth sewing experience.

5. Efficiency and Speed

SolarFix® PTFE thread holds back tack, which means fewer stops during sewing. This feature improves sewing speed, making the production process more efficient. Whether you’re creating custom awnings or large-scale shade structures, SolarFix® helps you get the job done faster.

6. Interchangeable in Double Needle Sewing

SolarFix® works seamlessly with both needles. You don’t need separate threads for different parts of your project. This interchangeability simplifies inventory management and reduces the need for multiple thread types.

7. Size Differentiation

Color-coded spools make it easy to identify different thread sizes. SolarFix® offers a wide range of sizes, allowing you to choose the right thread thickness for your specific application.

8. Packaging

Each spool of SolarFix® PTFE thread comes packaged in a mesh sock. This prevents the thread from falling down the spool during sewing stops and allows for smoother tension adjustments. Small details like this enhance the overall sewing experience.

SolarFix® PTFE thread is a reliable and versatile choice for awnings and shade structures. Its UV resistance, chemical resilience, and ease of use make it a top pick for outdoor fabric projects. So, whether you’re a professional fabricator or a DIY enthusiast, consider SolarFix® for your next shade-related endeavor!