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Excell® 100% Polyester, Staple Spun Sewing Thread
A&E's Excell® is a 100% polyester staple spun sewing thread twisted and finished for optimum sewing performance. For use in general sewing, light and heavy weight garments, Excell® is an ideal thread for multiple applications where traditional staple spun polyester is required. Provides excellent seam strength and sewability across multiple operations.

  • Robust manufacturing techniques deliver a stronger thread with fewer imperfections
  • Excellent seam strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good sewability across multiple operations
  • Good colorfastness
  • Light weight garments, heavy weight garments, personal protective equipment, mattresses, footwear, etc.

Sold by the spool.


Excell T27

Excell T40

Break Strength

2.12 lbs

3.22 lbs

Recommended Needle Size



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